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MEP Estimating services are the sum up of Mechanical Estimating, Electrical Estimating and Plumbing Estimating. We have a team of professional construction MEP estimators which are solving the bidding process by development and calculations of MEP cost estimates for different projects and services as appointed. Project cost estimation has a very significant role in construction management because each developer and contractor depends on the basic cost then it can be used to meet the actual cost. So with the defined cost estimation the project managers or contractors can figure out that everything is going within the budget.

Many people think that architectural designing is might be an easy job but in reality fact it requires a lot of hard work. Experts work as the team to build either a simple house or a stadium and project budget determination is the most important thing when we talk about the construction management. Construction cost estimate is vital in all project development phases, because it can define that whether a project is cost-effective or not. On the other hand the MEP estimators and engineers work on budget calculations and achievability arrangements to keep it under budget. You can check our social platform too to stay in touch with us.

Our Services

mechinical estimating3

We are providing mechanical estimating services for commercial, residential and industrial needs.

Electrical estimating

Professional electrical estimators has a very significant role in the construction line to calculate the accurate load distribution and material cost.

plumbing estimating (3)

Accurate plumbing estimates are really important for all types of projects to get an idea about the materials, cost, and supplies needed for the project.

Commercial Estimating Services

Our dedicated MEP estimators are providing commercial MEP estimating services to all of our US, UK, Canada and Australian based clients.

industrial mep estimating

We are specialized for industrial cost estimates to verify planned construction costs at multiple stages throughout the construction process for projects around the whole world.

Residential Estimating Services

We’ve best residential estimators who can offer you dedicated residential remodeling estimating services for your construction projects.

Why Chose MEP Estimating Services

Mechanical Takeoffs Estimates

MEP estimate is the place where you can never miss your bids, either HVAC takeoffs or industrial heavy mechanical equipment, our mechanical estimators are quite seasoned in all mechanical takeoffs ensuring 100% accuracy.

Electrical Takeoffs

Electrical estimator at World Estimating have undertaken several high voltage equipment, cabling and power transmission along with instrumentation takeoffs. MEP estimate is the company that is always open for providing electrical takeoffs to contractors.

Plumbing Estimates

Plumbing contractors have always taken estimation services from our company and we believe that plumbing estimates are always quantified with experienced plumbing estimators. Valves, Pumps and all plumbing fixtures are always mentioned with detailed line descriptions.

Accurate & Affordable

We are offering 100% accuracy with least turnaround time of 24-48 hrs. We provide these quality services at very affordable rates and our charges are just $200 on average for all takeoffs.


We have 15 years of experience in providing MEP construction cost estimating services. We are dealing residential & commercial mechanical, elecrical and plumbing estimates and takeoffs


Our professional MEP estimators are always ready to provide you quality and accurate services. We are working with an aim to offer 100% customer’s satisfaction. So feel free to contact our supportive team.


I’m a Low Voltage Contractor in the State of Florida and Nathan and his team have done an amazing job helping me in getting few projects estimated. Nathan also taught me about The Blue Book and helped be get started with them. Working with Daniel and his team has been awesome and I highly recommend their firm.

Robert JohnsonHighly Recommended!

I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years and have never found anyone as accurate as this company’s numbers. They have saved me countless hours of work coming up with prices and quantities. They are the best I have ever worked with. I’ll never figure an other job without them.

Albert HamiltonOut Standing Experience

We started using World Estimating about 6 months ago and we are extremely pleased with our results. Estimating is time consuming and requires detail analysis of the plans and we found that we have more time for production and more accurate bids. I highly recommend their services.